Aquarium Clean Lights Submersible Light 220V -240V 100W


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It can be applied to various situations, such as a pond, freshwater tank, and seawater tank. It can improve water quality and visual art at the same time.
The explosion-proof glass tube with high light transmittance can help achieve better cleaning effects. 
The protective covers at both ends provide a good sealing environment, which can avoid water permeation effectively. Therefore, this lamp is suitable for underwater usage. 
Through ultraviolet radiation, the DNA of microorganisms can be destroyed, causing them to lose productivity and death, in order to clean fish tanks.
It's a must-have for fish-lovers. This small tube can bring you a clean and bright fish tank and protect your fish. 
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Name: Submersible Light 
Material: ABS+ silica glass
Color: black 
Voltage: 220V-240V
Power: 20W/30W/40W/60W/80W/100W/120W(optional)
Length: 36cm/46cm/58cm/70cm/85cm/85cm/85cm
Tube diameter: 42mm (all of the same size) 

Package information: 
Size: 7*7*45cm/7*7*55cm/7*7*65cm/7*7*75cm/7*7*90cm/7*7*90cm/7*7*90cm
Weight: 860g/1120g/1170g/1330g/1360g/1370g/1370g

Package list:
1*Submersible Light