Automatic Relay Module Control Switch Energy-saving 6-60V Batterys Protections Module with LEDs Indicator Digital Tube Display


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Three control buttons, 4 digital tube display, 1 LEDs charge indicator.
Reduce the brightness of digital display, save energy and protect eyes.
Mode status: standard mode, energy-saving mode, setting mode, voltage calibration, factory setting mode.
It can charge 6-60V acid batterys and lithium batterys.
The default starting charge voltage is DC12V and the cut off charge voltage is 14.8V.
1% high precisions voltage divider makes the voltage measurement more accurate.
The voltage accuracy and resolution are 0.1V and have calibration function.

Working voltage: DC6-60v
Working current (with DC12V power-supply):
    standard mode: standby current 10mA; charge current 130mA
    energy saving mode: standby current 5mA; charge current 125mA
Maximum load current: 30A 250VAC / 30VDC.
Item size: 80 * 46*24mm
Package weight: 55g
Package size: 82 * 48 * 26mm

Packing List:
1 * Relay Module