Automatic Wrist Type Digital Electronic Blood Pressure Meter


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This is a kind of fine quality blood pressure mater, wrist type, mini size and protable, suitable for family use. Advantages: One-button measurement, heart rate monitoring, comfortable adjusted cuff, large screen large characters, intelligent pressure, accurate measurement, small and exquisite, easy to carry around with you. Never miss such a great product.

Wrist type design, no need to take off your clothes, very convenient.
Full Automatic – All the measuring process starts automatically once pressing a button, super convenient for home use.
The large size cuff almost fits all people no matter slim or strong.
With unit conversion function, you can choose Kpa or mmHg according to your habit.
The systolic pressure and diastolic pressure  separately show, people can judge the data whether in the normal range at the first sight.
LCD display ensures clear numbers for the elderly and you can see the systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse easily.
Ideal for the daily monitoring of blood pressure.
Automatic determines ideal cuff inflation, irregular heart beating signal, high and low pulse rate indicators, very convenient.
Guide standards for assessment of high blood pressure.
Warning heart blinker, shows that the monitor is taking measurement.

Name: Sphygmomanometer
Material: plastic
Color: white
Application: wrist
Display: LCD
Item size: 70 * 76 * 32.5mm / 2.76 * 2.99 * 1.28in
Item weight: 200g / 7.05ounce
Package size: 90 * 90 * 90mm / 3.54 * 3.54 * 3.54in
Package weight: 230g / 8.11ounce

Package list:
1 * Sphygmomanometer