Bathroom Shower Scrubber


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This rubbing towel can visibly removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and promotes the skin's regular and natural exfoliating process, you can use it convenient and enjoy your shower.

Double rubbing towel can promotes the skin's regular and natural exfoliating process.
Once the glove is wet, it is not hard and scratchy but soft and gentle.
As you vigorously rub your skin, feel energised as you massage away fatigue.
Glove bring a comfort shower, you can use it easily when bathing.
Colorful colors decorate your bathroom, enjoy life.
Efficient cleaning, you can save time when bath.

Color: delivery randomly
Package Weight: 25g / 0.9ounce
Item Size: 100 * 100mm / 3.9 * 3.9in
Package Size: 100 * 100 * 20mm / 3.9 * 3.9 * 0.8in

Package List:
1 * Rubbing Towel