Beeswax Bowl Cover Eco-friendly Wrapper Washable Reusable Food Storage


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Eco-friendly this beeswax Bowl Cover , organic cotton infused with natural beeswax, safty for daily use.
O-ne Small/Medium/Large cover included. G-reat on smooth r-im stainless steel, glass, p-lastic and ceramic containers.
Premium elastic stretch around your bowls and cover them snugly. I-deal for refrigerator storage and more air tight.
Reusable, o-ne to use m-any times. Eco-friendly and spend less.
Easy to clea-n and store, wash with cold water.
Storage sandwiches, breads, cheese, snacks, fruits or vegetables and keep them fres-h for a longer time.

Material: Cotton, PUL
Color: Green Chevron
Quantity: 1Pack (3 pcs)
Package Size: 200*120*5mm/7.8*4.7*0.2in
Package Weight: 55g/1.9oz

Packing List:
1*Pack of Bowl Cover