Bicycle Chain Tool Set


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This bike chain repair and cleaner kit includes almost everything needed to fix your bike chain, great for repair at home or on the road.

Complete Repair Kit: Includes bike link pliers, chain wear indicator, checker, cleaning brush and gear cleaner, convenient to fix bike chain at any time.
Quick Removal: Bike link pliers allow you to remove the bike chain quickly. Nonslip handles provide a firm grip and easy control. With a clasp to close the pliers in a small size for easy storage.
Convenient Chain Wear Indicator: Helps you quickly check the chain wear to determine the condition of your bike chain and when it's time to change.
Bike Chain Cleaner: Efficient to clean some hard-to-reach area of bike chain, and help keep your bike new, can be used for chains, gears, and other bike components.

Material: Plastic + Steel
Plier Size: 17cm / 6.7in
Brush: 22cm / 8.7in
Gear Cleaner: 22cm / 8.7in

Package List:
1 * Chain Link Pliers
1 * Chain Checker
1 * Chain Wear Indicator
1 * Cleaning Brush
1 * Chain Gear Cleaner