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This bicycle rack is adjustable in height, retractable, foldable, convenient to store, and can rotate 360 ° and is flexible and versatile, and is firm and reliable.

Multi purpose: can be used for bike repairs, debugging, inspection, cleanings, display, storage, etc., multi-function, multi-purpose.
Adjustable: the height regulator can adjust the height to meet different needs. The other regulator can adjust and fix 360 ° freely. The length of the front fixator can also be adjusted.
Retractable: foldable, retractable tripod, convenient storage, space saving, easy to carry.
Maintenance tool tray design: with maintenance tool tray design, there is a magnetics iron in the middle, which can prevents tools from falling off and facilitate maintenance of bicycles.
Stable and safer: thickened fixed foot pad can enhance stability performance and prevents wear at the same times.
Will not damage the bicycle: the clamp is made of ABS material, will not damage the bicycle, can rotate 360 degrees, suitable for a variety of models.

Material: ABS + aluminium alloy
Height: 980 ~ 1560mm / 38.6 ~ 61.4in
Item weight: 5500g / 12.1lb
Package size: 1020 * 185 * 175mm / 40.2 * 7.3 * 6.9in
Package weight: 5900g / 13.0lb

Packing List:
1 * Bicycle Rack