Bicycle Repairing Kit Multifunctional Tire Patch Repair Tools Multipurpose Use Air Pump for Inflatables


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Bar/Psi dual scale tire pressure gauge, 15Bar/210Psi wide range, high accuracy for you to check the tire pressure when you inflating a tire.
Tools including a mini tire pump with pressure gauge, a folding tool kit, C, 2pcs mini fish-shaped pry rod(one inbuilt with a filing sheet), 3pcs air nozzles, 10pcs tire patches.
Equipped with a zipper pouch for keeping all the tools inside, and the pouch can be attached on your bicycle.
A 16-in-1 multifunctional combination tool designed with 2-6mm hex wrench, slotted and cross screwdrivers,  socket wrench, and more, it is fully functional, tough and reliable to use.
Equipped with 3 air nozzles to be used with the air pump conversion, thus not only the bicycle tyre can be inflated, but also the inflatable toys and balls.
The multifunctional and convenient tool kit is suitable for outdoor sports and cycling. It is small and portable to meet daily needs.

Type: Type 1 / Type 2 (Optional)
Material: Steel
Pressure Gauge Size: 40 * 24 * 200-303mm / 1.57 * 0.95 * 7.87-11.93in
Package Weight: 557g / 19.67oz
Package Size: 23 * 9.5 * 9cm / 9.06 * 3.74 * 3.64in

Packing List:
1 * Mini Pump
1 * Inflator Tube
1 * Folding Tool Kit
2 * Pry Rod
2 * Screw
3 * Air Nozzle
10 * Tire Patch
1 * Zipper Pouch