BIQU Flexiable Build Plate Surface Spring Steel Platform Removal Spring Steel Sheet with Magnetic Base for SLA/DLP Resin Printing Elegoo Saturn 3D Printers 196x126mm


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Multiple Size for Option – 7 sizes of build plate, 196x126mm, 202x128mm, 135x80mm, 138x85mm,138x78mm, 140x84mm, 135x75mm, choose one for your 3d printer.
Applicable for SLA/DLP 3D Printers – Instead of chiseling parts off the aluminum-made build platform of SLA/DLP 3D printers, it is much easier to pop print parts off the build surface by flexing BIQU spring steel build plate slightly.
Premium Steel – High quality steel, good flatness and durability and its soft magnetic sticker boasts strong magnetic force.
Easy to Remove – Design with the ergonomic handle design, the steel plate is easier to be removed from the platform.
Stronger Adhesion – The wire drawing process on the surface enables the model to stick well to the plate.

Material: Steel
Color: Silver
Size: 196x126mm, 202x128mm, 135x80mm, 138x85mm,138x78mm, 140x84mm, 135x75mm (Optional)
Applicable 3D Printer:
196x126mm – Elegoo Saturn
202x128mm – Anycubic Mono X
135x80mm – Anycubic Photon/Photon S
138x85mm – Creality Ld-002H
138x78mm – Creality Ld-002R, Nova 3D Elfin, Zortrax Lnkspire
140x84mm – Elegoo Mars2 Pro
135x75mm – Elegoo Mars/Mars Pro, Wanhao D7,Phrozen sonic mini 4k
Package Weight:
196x126mm – 218g/7.7oz
202x128mm – 225g/7.9oz
135x80mm – 94.5g/3.3oz
138x85mm - 102g/3.6oz
138x78mm – 93.5g/3.3oz
140x84mm – 104g/3.7oz
135x75mm – 90g/3.2oz

Packing List:
1 x Build Surface with Magnetic Base