Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector High Transmittance/Anti UV&Glare Blue Light Filter for 14


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This blue light blocking screen protector blocks blue light up to 70% and UV and suppresses reflection of light, effectively protecting your eyes. 

Eye Protection 

It blocks blue light up to 70% and UV to effectively protect your eyesight.

Why do You Need it?
If you suffer from dry eyes, eye fatigue, reducing melatonin, ultraviolet radiation, freckles, wrinkle or myopia, you need a blue light blocking film to protect you.

The Necessity of it
We have to use computer for a long time while cornea and crystalline lens of our eyes are unable to resist or reflect blue light. What's more, blue light may cause maculopathy which to some extent speeds up the process of losing sight.

Easy to Install
First, you have to make sure the size fits your PC, then clean the screen with cleaning cloth. Second, peel off protective film 1, and use scraper to make it fully attached to screen. Finally, peel off protective film 2.

No Glare 
The surface is matte-finish to suppress reflection of light, and also effectively resist grease, fingerprint and sweat.

Material: PET
Thickness: 0.39mm
Suitable for:  14'' laptop with 16:9 Aspect Ratio 

Packing list:
1 * Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector
1 * Installation packet (Stickers, Alcohol wipes, Scraper, Cleaning cloth)