BOUCK Muscle Massage Gun Professional Handheld Vibration Massager Device Rechargeable Cordless Electric Percussion Full Body Muscle Stimulate Massage Equipment Deep Tissue Muscle Massager for Athletes Crossfit Office Workers


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Why Use BOUCK Massage Gun? A Massage Gun Comfortable Massage With a scientific vibration frequency and amplitude, the massager will effectively relieve muscle spasms and stimulate blood flow. let you enjoy a multi-angle massage experience and relax your muscles with the push of a button. A full body massager makes your body easier and more comfortable. Take a deep breath, be prepared to relieve all the pain and pain, and relax from head to toe. Our massage guns run quietly and run at speeds below 50dB. It's an electric high-frequency mobility therapeutic massage device. For athletes workout: relieve muscle soreness after athletic and crossfit training. For personal physical therapy: soft tissue pain relief and chiropractor assistance. BOUCK Power Your Life with Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery: 2600mAh large capacity for max 4.5hours working hours. Rechargeable Cordless Handheld Deep Tissue Muscle Massager for Athletes, Crossfit, Office Workers. Start your quiet and comfortable family spa now!

Main Features
【BOUCK VIBRATION MASSAGE GUN】A Massage Gun Comfortable Massage With a scientific vibration frequency and amplitude, the massager will effectively relieve muscle spasms and stimulate blood flow.
【FULL BODY DEEP MUSCEL MASSAGE】6 Replaceable massage heads & 3 Choose different frequencies and amplitudes according to different needs. Adjustable speed level allowing you to reach every part of your muscle, every trigger point,back, neck, foot, leg, knot, thigh, hip, arm. Instant relief and shorten recovery time.(product includes a exquisite storage box and bag).
【Max 4.5 HOURS LONG WORKING LIFE】24V High-power Brushless Motor 2600mAh Long life of rechargeable battery, continuously for max.4.5 hours. The percussion massager has an LED battery indicator,you can know the power usage in real time. The massage gun stops working when charging, which is designed for protecting the customer’s security.
【NOISE REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY-50DB】The noise in the process of running can be effectively reduced by smooth sliding. Handheld Deep Tissue Vibration Muscle Massage Gun equipped with a new generation of noise reduction technology,so you can use our massager in your office or at home without interrupting others.
【WITH COMFORTABLE SILICONE HANDLE】The portable massager help release tension and ease sore, tight muscles, relax all of your muscle groups, de-stress, and energize your whole body.Lightweight design,Only weighs one kilogram(2.2Lbs).
【PERFECT VIP SPA GIFT FOR ALL FAMILY & FRIENDS】Long time use BOUCK muscle massage vibration can help the user relieve muscle stiffness and soreness.Great ideal gift for men, women, parents and friends. Take a deep breath and let the massage gun massage become VIP Home SPA!

How to activate the massage gun?
Step 1: Choose the massage head to connect the massage gun,
Insert the desired head into the hole of black connector, press and rotate it at the same time until it can not go in.
Step 2: Turn on the power switch which is at the bottom of the massager handle, and then the LED indicator will light up.
Step 3: Press the speed button to activate the device.
Kindly Note: Please make sure the massage head is closely connected with the massage gun before you use it, prevent the head from falling off when you use maximum speed
Step 4: Dis-Assemble the massage gun, Pull the head and rotate it at the same time until pull it out.

How the specific dimensions and applicable parts work?
Big Round Head for Big muscles
Finger-type Head For Joint part
Flat-type Head For All Body
Anti-shock Head For bones
Spine Head For cervical spine
Small Ball Head For Big Muscle

1, Please read the instructions carefully and install the massage head correctly and safely. Do not use a massager near loose clothing or jewelry.
2: Please charge it before using for the first time. Please turn on the power button which is located at the bottom of the massager handle before charging it.
3: Please do not put too much pressure on the weak places like neck, Armpit, hypochondrium, or dangerous joint etc.
4: If you need to change the massage head, gently pull it out and rotate the massage head to remove it.
5: This product is only used as an auxiliary function. It has no medical effect.

6: Only for adult use, strictly not for baby!

Brand: BOUCK
Color: Gray
Material: Silicon, ABS
Key: Power On/OFF, Gear 0
Port: DC
Assessories:6 Professional Heads
Battery: 3-4.5 hours
Power: 2600mAh Li Battery
Outlook: Metal Gray Polish
Size: 24x18x6cm/9.36x7x2.34in
Moto: Brushless Moto
G1 1800r/min 30HZ
G2 2400r/min 40HZ
G3 3200r/min 53HZ
Continuous Working: 4.5h
Gear: 3 Gears+ LED indicator
Input Voltage: 110-240V 50/60hz
Battery Voltage: 24V
Noise: 40-50dB
Product Weight: Approx.1.0KG/2.2lb
Product Size: Approx. 25x22x6.5cm/10×8.8×2.6inch
Product Weight: Approx.2.8KG/6.2lb
Product Size: Approx. 45x35x8cm/18x14x3.2inch
√ 1 * Massager
√ 6 * Massage head attachment
√ 1 * Stoage Bag
√ 1 * Charger
√ 1 * Instruction manual
√ 1 * Box