BS-805 Intelligent alarm bite hook color electronic drift luminous drift microgravity induction night fishing float


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This fishing float serves several purposes—suspend the bait at a predetermined depth, bait in an inaccessible areas of water with it or serve as a visual bite indicator. 

Made of lightweight foam with better buoyancy and sensitivity.
Suspend fishing baits at a determined depth.
When you pull down or pull up, it will flash red and green, and swinging left and right will not change color.
Float on water vertically.
Bright and luminous color is visible at night.
Perfect for catching fish, such as panfish, steelhead, walleye, and catfish, etc.

Color: white
Length: 394mm, 409mm, 416mm, 430mm, 432mm, 455mm (optional)
Weight: 2.5g  (one piece)
Package size: 500 * 60 * 15 mm 
Package weight: 61g 

Package List:
1 * Fishing Float