Bubble Mailers Padded Shipping Envelope Bag PolyMailer Self Seal Mailing Gift Bags for Delivery Magazine Lined Mailer 50 Pack 15x18cm/5.9×7.1in


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What you Get: Pack of 50pcs bubble bags. And  6 sizes for option – 11x15cm/4.3×5.9in, 13x15cm/5.1×5.9in, 15x20cm/5.9×7.9in, 13x18cm/5.1×7.1in, 15x18cm/5.9×7.1in, 18x20cm/7.1×7.9in.
Self-Adhering Envelopes: The White poly bubble mailers come with a self-adhesive tamperproof seal. Once the envelope has been sealed, it cannot be opened without visible signs of tampering. The smooth surface of the mailers, makes it easy to stick stamps and address labels. 
Strong Bubble Protector: Both sides of lining are air bubble, each bubble is full, play the role of shock absorption, decompression and protection of articles. Both sides of the bag are made with 1 cm edge pressing technology, which is not easy to tear even with strong pulling.
Waterproof Packaging Supplies: The outer layer of the bag is waterproof PE composite and lined with double-sided waterproof bubble film, multiple waterproof, protecting items such as clothing from moisture.
Multipurpose Bubble Mailers: Strong enough to mail any fragile items such as cosmetics, paintings, fashion accessories, jewelry, medicines, seeds and bulbs, and a lot more. They are padded enough to protect things during shipping. 

Color: Yellow
Main Material: PE, Paper
Size: 11x15cm/4.3×5.9in, 13x15cm/5.1×5.9in, 15x20cm/5.9×7.9in, 13x18cm/5.1×7.1in, 15x18cm/5.9×7.1in, 18x20cm/7.1×7.9in (Optional)

Packing List:
50 x Bubble Mailers