Camouflage Fitness Sandbag Adjustable Weight Lifting Sandbag Physical Training Sandbag Sandbag With 4 Adjustable Filler Sand Bags


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This fitness sandbag can adjust the weight, with four adjustable weight filler sandbag, can carry out physical training, muscle training, etc., suitable for family, office, gym and other occasions.

One outer training weighted sandbag, 4 adjustable weight filler sandbag. Users can add and reduce sandbag independently, adjust training weight and achieve various training goals.
It is made of firm polyester material, not easy to be damaged, and can reduce sand leakage and other problems.
Multi handle design, can realize a variety of exercise ways. Handle design is firm, comfortable, no hand injury, long service life.
It can help users with physical exercise, muscle training and other fitness methods.
Multi scene available, suitable for home, gym, office and other occasions.
No stuffing.

Material: polyester 
Adjustable weight ranges: 10~40lb
Color: CP camouflage, black-green camouflage (optional)
Item size: 460 * 190 * 190mm / 18.1 * 7.5 * 7.5in
Item weight: 700g / 1.5lb
Package size: 250 * 250 * 30mm / 9.8 * 9.8 * 1.2in
Package weight: 800g / 1.8lb

Packing List:
1 * Sandbag