Camping Lamp with Power Bank Mobile Spider Task Light IP65 Magnetic Absorption Camping Lamp


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Safery guarantee of night consrtuction, the application of every bad environment is more efficient.

High performance waterproof IP65, anti corrosion treatment. Strong magnetic absorption and suction is safer.
Spiders design is more scientific and fashionable. 
The lamp body shape is made of high quality aluminum, which can protect the core omponent of lamp.
6.5mm innner screw holes can be hung on the back for tripod support. It can be used for construction, learning desk lamp, vehicle
emergency warning light and other versatile uses.
The lamp head can be rotated at 180 degrees, and the lighting is more balanced.
Two level white light adjustment, red double flashlight.

Battery: 4*polymer Li battery, 3.7V 2600mah 
Lumen: 600-1200mah
LED: 8*0.5W red light, white light 1W*24 COB 10W
Material Type: ABS+Aluminum+Magnet
Input : 5V, 1A
Magnet: Bottom 4 magnets
Application: Outdoor mobile lighting
Pacakge Weight: 549g / 19.4oz
Package Size: 160*120*115mm / 6.3*4.7*4.5in 

Packing List:
1 * Light
1 * USB Cable
1 * Manual Instruction