Car Decal Remover Wheel Tool 4in with Power Drill Attachment for Removing Pinstripes Stickers Adhesive Vinyl Decals from Cars Boats


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The decal remover can withstand up to 4,000 RPM to effectively and quickly remove decals, stickers and pinstripes. The most effective RPM falls between 1500-3000RPM.
Widely used for removing auto vinyl decals, stickers, pinstripes etc. from cars, boats, trucks, buses and more.
Made of rubber material, will not scratch your car.
Universal fit for any home drill, comes with a power drill attachment, an inexpensive and convenient product for you to use.
Easy to install on your home power drill or pneumatic drill. Use a low drill clutch or PSI setting to ensure low RPM running and light pressure application for optimal performance.

Product Thickness: 25mm(soft), 20mm(optional)
Diameter: 100mm
Material: Rubber
Color: Yellow(25mm Soft Type, 20mm Type)(optional)
Weight: 230g/8.1oz(25mm/1in)  252g/8.9oz(20mm/0.8in)
Size: 13*13*8cm/5.1*5.1*3.1in(25mm)  13*13*6cm/5.1*5.1*2.4in(20mm)

Package List:
1*Car Decal Remover Wheel Tool