Car Headrest Tablet Mobile Phone Holder with Water cup groove,Table,3 in 1 Multi-functional Back Seat Headrest Holder


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Meet your great needs,watching movies on the road, working on the road, studying on the road, etc.
Triangular support, stable structure,Universal rotation makes the seat more stable.
Easy to deal with all kinds of road conditions, emergency braking, speed bumps and rugged mountain roads.
Quick installation without removing the head restraint,It is compatible with most rear seats of cars, and the car seat bar spacing between 140-170mm is applicable.
Adjustable angle for free viewing.The flat plate is stable without shaking.
Folding storage to save interior space.
Function: place water cups, mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. 

Applicable: headrest lever spacing 140mm-170mm
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Product packaging:40.8*29*6cm
Product weight:1.5kg

Packing List:
1xCar Headrest Tablet Mobile Phone Holder