Car HUD Head-Up Display OBDII Smart Digital Meter OBD+GPS Dual System


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OBD Smart Digital Meter
Thanks for purchasing our OBD smart digital device. This product connects car OBDII interface by OBD cable, and display the driving data, e.g. vehicle speed, engine RPM, water temperature, fuel consumption,voltage etc. It can keep the driver's eyes always on road to avoid the dangerous of lowering down head to read the dashboard. This product won’t change any car ECU data. 

Works for All Cars: OBD+GPS smart gauge, GPS+Beidou dual mode chip, in addition to the basic OBD mode, the P13 also integrates a GPS+Beidou dual-mode chip to enhance compatibility. It also adds multiple data such as driving direction, time, altitude, number of satellites and so on. 
Vehicle Detector: Car data scanning, depth detection diagnosis, read the entire car stream, do a comprehensive medical checkup for your car; Find system set clear DTC, then clear the fault code; Alarm when the voltage is lower than the set default value of 10.5V; Alarm when the water temperature reaches the set default value of 120; Alarm when speed reaches the set default value 6000r/Min.; Speeding reminder, alarm when speed reaches the set default value 150KM/H. 
Diverse Display: 10 kinds of interface, customize diverse dashboard content. 8 interface colors to choose, freely match more than 100 small interfaces. Adopt imported chip for intelligent reminder, speed color will change as different speed, White display, Yellow reminder, Red warning, it will change to Red color, once speed is over than 120. 
Various Fuel Consumption Data: Master the fuel consumption of your throttle, accurately calculate the long-term historical average fuel consumption, correct your driving habits, economically use your car. 
Easy and Convenient Installation: Multiple installation methods, A-Pillar suspension with suction cup bracket, traditional central control placement. New tooling design, driver can see the clock(right corner)all the time.

Material: plastic
Screen Size: 3 inch
Package Size: 14.2 * 8.5 * 5cm
Package Weight: 200g

Package List:
1 * Car Head-Up Display                                
1 * OBD Cable
1 * Rotary Suction Cup Bracket
1 * Double Sided Adhesive Tape
1 * User's Manual

Kindly Attentions:
1. OBDII mode working voltage: 11V ~ 18Vdc (12Vdc / 200mA) 
2. System selection: Select the language and system after power-on, dial the right dial to select OBD or GPS system, and enter the last selected system automatically after 5 seconds without operation.
3. This product is OBDII +GPS dual system, mainly suitable for small cars. GPS mode is suitable for all cars(if the truck voltage is too high, please buy a separate USB cable for use). OBDII mode may be incompatible with some cars, in the case
of incompatibility, GPS mode is recommended.

How To Install:
1. Insert the OBD socket connector.
2. Plug the wire into the A-Pillar seal. 
3. Connect one end of the OBD interface into the HUD and place the HUD in a suitable position.