Car Paint Tester Coating Thickness Gauge with Digital LCD Backlight Display Coating Depth Detector Measuring Paint Depth


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This product has built-in magnetic induction and vortex double principle probe, can automatically identify the measured metal substrate, only need to be placed on the measured surface, can automatically calculate the thickness of the coating.
With digital LCD backlight display, this car paint thickness meter can read data clearly in night or dark environment.
The measurement unit can be switched between mm and mil to facilitate different measurement requirements.
When measuring the thickness of the paint, the tester must be perpendicular to the test surface at 90°.
This portable coating thickness gauge can measure the thickness of non-metallic coating(such as paint, film, etc.) on metal substrate quickly, nondestructively and accurately.
It is mainly used to measure the thickness of the vehicle's surface paint and other coating.

Measurement step:
Step 1. Prepare the parts to be tested.
Step 2. Stay away from the metal object at least 2 cm, press the switch key to turn on. Note: it is suggested that the instrument should be zeroed with reference to "zero calibration" before
Step 3. The probe is placed vertically and quickly on the surface to be measured until the drop is heard, and the measured value is displayed on the screen, and then the probe is lifted at least 2 cm away from the part to be measured, and the next measurement can be carried out. Note: if the automatic shutdown function is turned on and there is no operation within 3 minutes, the instrument will automatically shut down.

Material: ABS
Color: Orange, black (optional)
Screen: Horizontal, vertical (optional)
Measuring range: 0~2000um
Precision: ±(3%+1um)
Resolution: 0um~99.9um(0.1um) 100um~999um(1um) >1000um(0.01mm)
Zero calibration:Support
Statistics: Average, minimum, maximum, number
Minimum convex Radian: 5mm
Minimum concave Radian: 25mm
Minimum measured area: Diameter 20mm
Minimum substrate thickness: 0.2mm
Diameter 20mm Maximum measuring speed: 2 readings per second
Power supply: 2 1.5V 7 battery (Not include)
Operating environment Temperature:0 ~ 50 °C 20 ~ 90%rh (non-condensed) Preservation environment Temperature:-10 ^ 60 °C 20 ^ 90%rh (non-condensation)
Size: 113mmX53mmX24mm
weight: 80g

Packing List:
1 * Thickness gauge
1 * Calibration piece
1 * Instructions