Cats Leash Preventions Of Breaking Free Dog And Cats Rope


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This kind of traction rope is suitable for most kinds of pet cats and dogs. The fabric is breathable and comfortable, the tension is dispersed, and the handle is comfortable to use.

The fabric is made of polyester canvas, which is breathable, strong and firm.
Four point decentralized tension design, decentralized starting tension, the cats should also be comfortable, without discomfort.
38mm hooks and loops fasteners adjustment+buckle fixation, multi-layer protections, not easy to get rid of, easy to wear, easy to adjust.
Ergonomic design of the handle, feel nice, more comfortable to use.
Metal D-shaped buckle and traction buckle are chrome plated, nice gloss, not easy to rust, very durable.
Beautiful and generous, leisure and fresh, lovely and fashionable. Usually it's cat's clothes. If you use buckle D, it will become a chest back cover.

Color: blue, red, green (optional)
Size: XS, S (optional)
Material: Polyester canvas+mesh
Rope length: 1200mm / 47.2in
Suitable neck circumference:
XS: 270mm / 10.6in, S: 310mm / 12.2in
Suitable bust:
XS: 200-380mm / 7.9-15.0in, S: 300-480mm / 11.8-18.9in
Item weight: 
XS: 78g / 2.8ounce, S: 113g / 4.0ounce
Package size: 200 * 50 * 50mm / 7.9 * 2.0 * 2.0in
Package weight: 
XS: 88g / 3.1ounce, S: 123g / 4.3ounce

Package List:
1 * Dog Cats Harnesses Vest