Champagne Wine Drinks Holder Wall Stand Wooden Rack Birthday Wedding Party Decoration


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The wooden bracket is used to hold and display champagne wine drinks at wedding, party or birthday. It is easy to assemble and can hold 10 glasses of champagne wines.

Wall stand to display champagne wine drinks.
This one comes unfinished ready to decorate, need to assemble yourself.
This holder holds 10 champagne wine drinks.
Handmade wooden wall, the shelves are easy to slot in the holes.
Perfect for any wedding or event. 

Material: Boxwood
Color: Wood color
Item Size: 550 * 345 * 250mm / 21.65 * 13.58 * 9.84in
Package Weight: 641.4g / 22.62ounces
Package Size: 550 * 345 * 20mm / 21.65 * 13.58 * 0.79in

Package List:
1 * Champagne Holder