Chuck Refit Accessory Benchs Drill To Square Tenon Machine Converter Eyelet Utility Conversion Tool


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This tool set is use for you to convert your benchs drill to the square tenon machine, with this tool set, you can get a square tenon machine by convert your benchs drill, come on and enjoy it, it will not let you down.

Made of fine material and has a long service lifes, you do not need to change it often.
Small in size and easy to carry, you can take it with you to anywhere you want to use it.
There are 5 different size for different outer diameter of your benchs drill, please check before order.
With this tool, you can convert the benchs drill to square tenon, you do not need to buy the square tenon, save your money.
Easy to install and remove, you can install or remove it by yourself quickly.

Material: metal
Type: 65-40 reducer sleeve, 65-53 reducer sleeve, 65-55 reducer sleeve, 65-58 reducer sleeve, 65-60 reducer sleeve (optional)
Item lenght: 180mm / 7.1in
Package size: 190 * 100 * 95mm / 7.5 * 3.9 * 3.7in
Package weight: 1230g / 2.7lb

Please choose according to the outer diameter of your benchs drill chuck 40MM, 53MM, 55MM, 58MM, 60MM.

Packing list:
1 * Bracket
1 * Reducing Sleeve (Optional)