CO2 Meter Indoor Carbon Dioxide Detector Semiconductor Induction Large LCD Display


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Using professional infrared sensing detection technology, this CO2 meter has stable performance, and provide high accuracy and fast measurement response.
Large LCD Screen, clearly show the datas of Carbon Dioxide, temperature and relative humidity.  
Wide application: Suitable for home, public site, agriculture, animal husbandry, industry, and more.
With this CO2 monitor, you will know the actual level of carbon dioxide in the room to monitor the indoor air quality. It is important for our safety and health.
It can be placed on desktop, light weight and small in size, easy to store and carry.

Item Type: Carbon Dioxide Monitor
Material: ABS
Color: White
Display: LCD segment code screen
Three grids: 25-50% power
Four grids: 70-75% power
Five grids: 75-100% power
Display area: 35mmX50mm
Power supply: DC5V/1A
Detection principle: Semiconductor
Resolution: 3ppm
Sampling time: 4s
Effective range: 400-5000ppm
Product size:80*50*80mm
Package size: 11*11*6cm
Package weight: 160g

400-1000PPM Green
1000-3000PPM yellow,buzzer once  eveery 2s
3000-5000PPM red,buzzer once every 1s
Built-in lithium battery,which can be charged wit USB power cord or Android mobile phone cable,Connect one end of the power cord to the product's USB port and another end to the mobile phone charger/power bank/computer to charge.When the USB charging iss in the off state,the battery charging interface will be displayed;2-3 hours of full charge,continuous sandby for 4-6 hourss(depending on the different product nodel)
The battery level is displayed in the upper right corner of the interface after power-on,and the battery power is displayed as a percentage after power-off
Two grid:10-25% power 

Package List:
1*USB power cord
1*User manual(English and Japenses)