CO2/RH/Temp. 3-in-1 Multifunctional Air Quality Detector Indoor/Outdoor CO2 Meter Temperature Humidity Monitor


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Useful air quality detector with quick response and high precision to test CO2 content in the air that surrounds you, and real-time display time, date, temperature and relative humidity.

3.5-inch TFT HD Color Display: real-time display current time, date, CO2, temperature and relative humidity. The screen has wide viewing angle that can reach 160°, which is very easy to read.
Data Logging Function: with up to 65,534 groups maximum storage management space, convenient for browsing the historical data saved by the system.
Semiconductor Sensing Detection Technology: monitoring air quality in your surrounding with highly accuracy, real-time detect CO2, temperature and relative humidity.
Simple Stylish Appearance: the air quality monitor has small size and clean design, perfect fit for house with any decorative style. Free-standing style, no mounting required.
Wide Applications: suitable for using in the car, bedroom, living room, office, classroom, library, etc.

Material: ABS
Voltage: 5V, 1A
Detection Technique: Semiconductor sensing technology
Test Function: CO2, temperature & humidity
CO2 Test Range: 400~4000ppm
Temperature Test Range: -9~55℃
Humidity Test Range: 0~100%  
Working Condition: -9℃~55℃, <90%RH
Automatic Shutdown Time Setting Range: 10~1080 minutes
Backlight Brightness Setting Range: 10~100%
Date & Time Setting: Users can set the current date and time
Historical Data Settings: Users can view historical data saved by the system
Maximum Storage Management Space: 65,534pcs
Timing Storage Settings: 10~1080 minutes
Timing Screen Switching Setting: 10~600 seconds
Language Setting: Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Russian
Power Supply: 1 * 3.7V 3000mA Li-ion battery (Built-in)
Item Size: Approx. 84 * 60 * 118mm / 3.31 * 2.36 * 4.65in
Item Weight: 221g / 7.79oz
Package Weight: 376g / 13.27oz
Package Size: 17.6 * 11.2 * 7cm / 6.93 * 4.41 * 2.76in

Packing List:
1 * Air Quality Detector
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual (English)