Colorful Sound-Sensitive Music Atmosphere Lights Multicolor Led Decorative Lamp with Sound Active Function


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This music atmosphere light uses an aluminum alloy one-time molding shell, with 32 colorful lamp beads inside and a special MIC for music and a 32-bit ARM processor with a main frequency of 72M, realizing the dynamic expression of music and human voice. 

Built-in highly sensitive microphone. 
Adopts 32pcs WS2812 Led IC.
At least 8 display modes.
4 levels of brightness adjustable. 
5 levels of speed adjustable. 
18 color modes adjustable.
Built-in AGC feature.
Intelligent noise reduction algorithm.
USB plug and play.

Input voltage: D C 5V 1A
Input connector: Micro USB
Frequency response: 50-16KHZ
Software support: AGC; intelligent noise cancellation; firmware update (upgrade through built-in serial port)
Item size: 181 * 18.5 * 16mm / 7.12 * 0.72 * 0.63in
Item weight: 86g / 3.03ounces
Package size: 225 * 50 * 35mm / 8.86 * 1.97 * 1.38in
Package weight: 150g / 5.29ounces / 5.29ounces

1.Do not connect the Power input OVER 5V,otherwise the board may be damaged.
2.Do not immerse in water, or use under the condition of humidity higher than 90%.
3.Do not use any solvents or liquids to wipe the screen except absolute alcohol.
4.Do not disassemble by yourself.
5.Do not use for children younger than 6 years old.
6.Please do not use in the car or other places where there is a heat source (bettery model only).

Package List:
1 * Atmosphere Light
1 * User Manual