Commlite CM-EF-FX Booster 0.71x Focal Reducer Electronic Auto Focus Lens Mount Adapter


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0.71x Focal Reducer Booster: Reduce focal length, increase the aperture and light.
Built-in USB Port for Compatibility Upgrading: Support USB port for updating new function or fixing bugs.
Support EXIF Information Transmitting: Metal pin can realize effecient EXIF information transmitting.
Support Auto-Focus Function: Fast and stable auto-focus function makes your shooting more clear.
Electronic Aperture Control: Adjustable exact aperture dial makes your shooting more professional.
Support IS Image Stabilization Function: The picture can be clear as usual in moving scene.
Gold-plated Contacts, 1/4 Inch Detachable Foot Stand: Gold-plated contacts with great conductivity, detachable foot stand is convenient for connection with tripod and other supports.
Superior Material: Made of high quality aluminum alloy, powerful, durable and stable, with delicate design.

Brand: Commlite
Model: CM-EF-FX Booster
Compatible Lens: For Canon EF/EF-S lens
Compatible Camera: For FUJIFILM FX-mount camera, such as X-T4, X-T3, X-T30, X-PRO3, X-T2, X-PRO2, X-T20, X-T1, X-H1, X-E3, X-E2
Front Installation: For Canon EF/EF-S lens
Back Installation: For FUJIFILM FX-mount camera
Camera-mount Outer Diameter: 61mm
Lens-mount Outer Diameter: 67.3mm
Length: 28mm
Net Weight: 143g / 5oz
Package Size: 11 * 6 * 5.9cm / 4.3 * 2.4 * 2.3inch
Package Weight: 255g / 9oz

Packing List:
1 * Commlite CM-EF-FX Booster Lens Mount Adapter
1 * User Manual (English & Chinese)

1. The lens mount adapter is built-in with USB firmware upgrade port, please pay attention to Commlite website to learn the update information in the first place;
2. After installing CM-EF-FX Booster adapter , please set the lens to AF mode if the AF function is required;
3. Please hold your camera tightly during your moving shooting when your lens is heavier than the camera;
4. For some incompatible camera and lens, one can try to use the adapter as the manual adapter; During the usage,while it shows prompt like 'Incorrect installation of lens', please set the menu mode to 'Release Shutter without Lens' or 'Shutter Priority';
5. Increase the Aperture 
Increasing one gear of aperture to blur the background and better highlight the theme. CM-EF-FX Booster with high-quality will be a good choose for shutterbug.
6. Reduce Focal Length
This adapter built-in with optical correction group, when using the adapter, the focus of the lens should be multiplied by 0.71, then multiplied by 1.5 (the focus multiplier), is the lens' actually equivalent focus.
For example, the 50mm focal length is mounted on APS-C camera:
50mm (Original EF lens Focal Length) x0.71( EF-E Mount Adapter )x 1.5 (APC-C Conversion Rate )=53.25mm