Copper Rain Gauge Outdoor Garden Courtyard Rain Detection Tool


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This is a copper rain guage taht can be used outdoors to test the rainfall. 

World's Coolest Copper Rain Gauge. Accurate Floating Rain Gauge for Lawn, Garden and Landscape!
Measure rainfall, monitor sprinkler output and conserve water with the Original Floating Rain Gauge. Tube is marked with inches and centimeters. Measures up to 5.5 inches (14 centimeters) of precipitation. Big numbers are easy to read from the deck, patio, garden or lawn.
Glass-free construction. Safe to use around kids, pets and wildlife. Safe to leave outside all year.
No assembly required. Select an unobstructed location, put your rain gage out and wait for rain.
Easy to move to monitor sprinkler output in vegetable gardens, perennial beds and landscapes. A must for lawns and flower beds.

Package Size: 610*76*76mm/24*3*3in
Package Weight: 708g/25oz

Packing List:
1*Rain Guage