Crystal Glue Silicone E-arrings P-endant J-ewelry Mold


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The DIY mold set contains the gadgets you needed for the j-ewelry DIY process, making your DIY process easier. Diverse patterns for different choice. What are you waiting for? Just come and buy.

Superb silicone resin molds, soft and not easy to deform, endurable to use and clean. 
The e-arrings making mold has m-any different shapes, like water drop hollow out shape/ l-eaf shape/ geometry .
Can be used in different j-ewelry designs, such as e-arrings, pendants etc. to suit your various needs.
Can also add some flowers, sparkle, colors to c-reate y-our o-wn beautiful jewelry. 
(Optional)Comes with completed accessories to make DIY j-ewelry for making you more attractive and gorgeous
Mini size, light weight make it easy to carry and space-saving.

Type: Type 1(water drop hollow out shape)/ Type 2(Hexagonal geometry shape)/ Type 3( U shape geometry)/ Type 4(L-eaf shape)/ Type 5(P-endant shape)/ Type 6(V shape geometry)/Type 7(Big ear hook with beads colors(Optional): SILVER/ GOLD)/ Type 8( 9 shape ear hook (Optional): SILVER/ GOLD)/ Type 9(Opening circle(Optional): SILVER/ GOLD)/ Type 10(T shape ear hook(Optional): SILVER/ GOLD)/ Type 11(Earmuffs)
Material: Silicone
Item quantity: Type 1-Type 6: 1pcs/ Type 7-Type 10: 50pcs/ Type 11:200pcs(Optional)
Package Size: 
Type 1: 177 * 160* 20mm
Type 2: 155 * 151* 20mm
Type 3: 158 * 138* 20mm
Type 4: 158 * 138* 20mm
Type 5: 170 * 150* 20mm
Type 6: 164 * 156* 20mm
Type 7-Type 11: 100 * 80* 20mm
Package Weight: 
Type 1: 76g
Type 2: 55g
Type 3: 45g
Type 4: 55g
Type 5: 72g
Type 6: 60g
Type 7-Type 11: 10g

Packing List:
Type 1-Type 6: 1pcs *  Mold
Type 7-Type 10: 50pcs *  Earring hook
Type 11:200pcs * Earmuff