DC-DC 10A Power Module Step Down Buck Converter Power Module Electronic Module Step-down Module Step-down Voltage Converter


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Low Output Ripple: high frequency capacitor reduces output ripple.
High Output Current: the max output current can reach up to 10A.
Adjustable Power: high-power LED driver is more reliable.
Use a dedicated benchmark IC, and high-precision current sensing resistor, can make more stable constant current.
To regulate the unstable voltage or current of some appliance.
Small size, high power and high efficiency.

Material: PCB board+electronic component
Input Voltage: 7-32V (without constant current 5-32V)
Output Voltage: 0.8-28V (continuously adjustable)
Item Size: 65 * 48 * 24mm / 2.56 * 1.89 * 0.94in(L*W*T)
Item Weight: 64g / 2.26oz
Package Weight: 68g / 2.40oz
Package Size: 6.5 * 4.8 * 2.4cm / 2.56 * 1.89 * 0.94in

Package List:
1 * Power Module