DCtoDC Convertor Regulator Constant Current & Voltage Adjustable Power-supply Module Boost Converter Positive & Negative Module


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Input: DC3.6-30V; Output: ±3-30VDC adjustable.
±3VDC to ±30VDC voltage is continuously adjustable.
Easy to use and assemble.
DCtoDC convertor, step down module.
Suitable for various electronic projects.

Material: PCB & ABS
Type: 2 types(optional)
Input: DC3.6-30V
Output: ±3-30VDC adjustable
Static working current: 2.5mA
Output power: Max. 20W
Item size: 60 * 34 * 15mm
Package weight: 35g(type 1); 24g(type 2)
Package size: 62 * 36 * 17mm

Packing List:
1 * Relay Module