Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer with LCD Display


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This is a digital breath alcohol analyser tester. Digital alcohol test with audible alert. Auto power off, quick response and resume. The digital alcohol breath tester has a key chain, very portable to carry out. Pormptly and conveniently design for measuring BAC.

Nano-semiconductor alcohol sensor.
One button operating.
Auto shut off, power saving.
Digital orange backlight LCD display.
Quick response and recovery function.
Automatic sound alarm-Portable design.
Intelligent MCU control.

Color: Blue, Black (optional)
Sensor: Advanced semiconductor oxide alcohol sensor
Range: 0.00-019% BAC(0.0-1.9g/l)
Working Environment: Temperature: 5 to 40 degree
Accuracy: -0.01~+0.02%BAC(at 0.50%BAC)
Response Time: <5s
Operating Time: 10s
Warm up: 10s
Auto power off: 10 seconds after the result is displayed
Size: 113 * 68 * 26mm / 4.4 * 2.7 * 1.0in
Weight: 40g / 1.4ounce
Package size: 143 * 108 * 31mm / 5.6 * 4.3 * 1.2in
Package weight: 46g / 1.6ounce

Package List:
1 * Breath Alcohol Tester