Digital display angle IP54 stainless steel protractor woodworking angle protractor multifunction 360 degrees Angle ruler 200mm


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Compact and comvenient, easy to use. This product will make your life easier and convenient.

2-in-1,to measure both legnth and angle
Easily operation with three function keys
Stainless steel scale achieve durable using
Inside& ourside angle measure
Quick display of the measured value on big LCD screen
Fastening screw to fix the measuring angle in any position
Both measure the angle and length,metric and inch display
Compact structure to achieve convenienct carrying and using
Easing drawing line with the stainless steel ruler
It could be well used into various field instead of angle rule straight ruler and square etc.

Material: stainless steel + ABS
Specifications: 0-200mm, 0-300mm (optional)
Measuring range: 0-360°
Resolution: 0.05°
Accuracy: ±0.03°
Battery: 3V CR2032 battery
Working temperature: 0-40oC
Working humidity: 80%

Package List:
1 * digital protractor
1 * plastic blisters
1 * paper card
1*CR2032 battery