DIY Diamond Painting Crystal Pendant Drill Diamond Embroidery Kit DIY Car Hanging Decoration


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The DIY diamond painting pendant is easy to finish, a beautiful DIY hanging decoration for car.

Transparent crystal hanging chain with rainbow heart pendant.
The diamond hoop of flying insect pattern is beautiful and shiny.
Produces beautiful reflections. When the sun shines from different angles, it will reflect different lighting effects.
Easy to finish, DIY paint by color numbers, finish one by one. 
Suitable for weddings, baby rooms, Christmas tree decorations, chandeliers, car pendants, window suspensions, outdoor gardens, etc.

Material: Resin
Pattern: 4 styles (optional)
Hanging Chain Length: 110mm / 4.33in
Ring Diameter: 80mm / 3.15in
Rainbow Pendant Length: 80mm / 3.15in
Package Weight: 55g / 1.94ounces
Package Size: 100 * 100 * 30mm / 3.94 * 3.94 * 1.18in

Not finished, you need to complete it yourself.

Packing List:
1 * DIY Diamond Painting Pendant
1 * Point Drill Pen
1 * Clay
1 * Tray
1 * Bag of Resin Rhinestones