DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Adjustable Sizes Metal Glassbottle Cut Machine for Crafting Wine Bottles Household Glass Cutting Tool


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This is a kind of fine quality glass bottle cutter, adopt strong 201 stainless steel board, high accuracy drilled alloy bladehead and nylon wheels, perfect for cutting bottle in defferent sizes.

Perfect adjustable design, easy to cut glass bottle in different size, diameter from 10mm to 200mm.
Adopt strong 201 stainless steel board, firm and stable.
High accuracy drilled alloy bladehead, perfect for accurate cut.
Fine quality nylon wheels, wear resistance, smooth moving.
Perfect for DIY flower bottle, beautiful decorations.

Put the glass bottle/wine bottle/beer bottle on the support to confirm where you want to cut.
Install the fixing baffle and the screw to the suitable position, adjust the wheels, wear gloves, and align bottle to the cutting blade.
Push and rotate the bottle with balanced force with all your hands.
Put 2 rubber rings on both sides of the cutting line on the bottle. (The optimal distance between the two rubber rings is less than 10mm)
Rinse alternately with boiling water and cold water (each time for more than 40 seconds) to the cutting line between the 2 rubber rings, until the bottle separates ( NOTE: please use enough hot water, preferably boiling water).
Rubbing the cutting surface with sanding paper.

Make sure that both hands rotate the bottle at the same time to get a flat line while cutting and not letting the boiling water overflow between the two rubbers band while pouring(The optimal distance between the two rubber rings is less than 10mm). Otherwise the edge of the bottle may not be so flat.
Please clean up the residual label before cutting the bottle (the glue on the label will shorten the life of the bladehead).
In order to protect the cutting blade, you can use the cutter oil regularly after a long time of use.

Type: 3 wheels, 5 wheels (optional)
Material: stainless steel + alloy + nylon
Item weight: 611g / 1.35lb
Package size: 310 * 140 * 70mm / 12.20 * 5.51 * 2.76in
Package weight:  776g / 1.71lb

Packing List:
1 * Glass Bottle Cutter
1 * Pair of Gloves
2 * Sandpaper
2 * Rubber Rings
1 * Bit
1 * Brush