DIY Magnetic Levitation Kit,Magnetic Floating DIY Kit Floating Toy,Electrical Circuit Experiment Accessories for Experimental Teaching


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Can train people's practical ability and develop your thinking.
The product adopts analog circuit design, low power consumption.
With power-off protection to ensures safety operation.
Suitable for students to learn the principle of welding circuit diagram.
DIY kit packaging needs to be assembled by itself, and requires electronic foundation and hands-on ability (solder).

Weight Capacity: 300g 
Material: ABS
Plug: US,EU For optional
Power: 5W
Power Supply: AC-DC 12V, 2A
Item Size: Approx. 90 * 90 * 32mm / 3.54 * 3.54 * 1.26in
Package Size: 15.5 * 15 * 5cm / 6.10 * 5.91 * 1.77in
Package weight:480G

Levitating Weight: 300g
Suspension Distance: 2cm
Base Diameter: 88mm / 3.46in
Base Height: 27mm / 1.06in
Package Weight: 480g 

The components are plug-in type, which need to be welded by yourself. Thus it requires electronic foundation and hands-on capability for there is a certain difficulty. Please think twice before purchasing.

Package List:
1 * DIY Kit
1 * Plug