Dog Raincoat with Hood


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It's made of water-resistant PU material and lightweight. 
There are 10 sizes for choice. It's suitable for dogs of small, medium, and large sizes.
The leash hole design makes it convenient for you to walk your dogs on rainy days. 
The adjustable hood and belly band design can prevent a dog's head and belly from getting wet in heavy rain.
You can just use the wet cloth to wipe out the mud on the surface.   

Name: dog raincoat 
Color: yellow 
Material: PU 
M: pet back length: 21-30cm/neck circumference: 20-30cm/chest circumference: 28-34cm/weight: 3-4kg 
L: pet back length: 25-31cm/neck circumference: 24-34cm/chest circumference: 32-38cm/weight: 4.5-5kg 
XL: pet back length: 30-36cm/neck circumference: 28-38cm/chest circumference: 36-41cm/weight: 5.5-6.5kg 
2XL: pet back length: 35-41cm/neck circumference: 32-42cm/chest circumference: 39-45cm/weight: 7-9.5kg 
3XL: pet back length: 40-46cm/neck circumference: 36-46cm/chest circumference: 43-56cm/weight: 10-12.5kg
4XL: pet back length: 42-48cm/neck circumference: 40-50cm/chest circumference: 45-58cm/weight: 13-17.5kg
5XL: pet back length: 47-53cm/neck circumference: 43-53cm/chest circumference: 56-65cm/weight: 18-22.5kg  
6XL: pet back length: 52-58cm/neck circumference: 46-56cm/chest circumference: 62-72cm/weight: 23-27.5kg
7XL: pet back length: 57-63cm/neck circumference: 50-60cm/chest circumference: 70-80cm/weight: 28-32.5kg  
8XL: pet back length: 62-68cm/neck circumference: 55-65cm/chest circumference:75-85cm/weight: 33-37.5kg  

Package information:
Size: 22*34*1.5cm/22*34*1.5cm/22*34*1.5cm/22*34*1.5cm/22*34*2cm/22*34*2.5cm/22*34*3cm/22*34*3.5cm/22*34*4cm/22*34*4.5cm

Package list:
1*dog raincoat