Driving Pool Solar Foil Around Pool Cover 300CM for 366 cm Pools


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The pool-solar film heats the pool water up to 5 ° C depending on the temperature, and saves Heizungskoten and extends your swimming season.

  • Colour Blue
  • Dimension of the solar cover: Ø300 cm
  • Material: thick PE foil with air chambers
  • Material: PVC: 100%

This pool solar cover drives within the basin edge on the water surface and thus the pool water up to 5 ° C, depending on the sunlight, heat. Provided with PE airbags, the solar film can be much longer store the heat, so you can extend your swimming season. This is the most cost effective way to heat your pool. Moreover, the evaporation of water is reduced and you can reduce the consumption of chemicals. This 300 cm pool solar cover is suitable for swimming pools with a 366cm diameter, but can be easily tailored for smaller pools. The film is light and therefore easy to install and to handle. Delivery: 1x pool solar cover Ø 300cm.