DytSpectrumOwl PCBA Thermal Analyzer 260×200 Circuit Board Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera


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DytSpectrumOwl CA-10 is a new generation PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) thermal analyzer with excellent performance. The PCBA analyzer quickly detects a variety of circuit defect to improve work efficiency. Circuit defect includes circuit board current leakage, short circuit, capacitor breakdown, circuit aging and components defect etc.

With -10~120℃ (14~248℉) temperature range, this PCBA thermal imager can help the user quickly locate of the current leakage or short circuit on PCBA.
With 260*200 resolution and clear images, users can even observe the chipset pins of the thermal video.
In 3D mode, users can detect ultra-small circuit leakage. This PCBA thermal analyzer can detect very small temperature difference between good and defect boards, which is difficult by other instruments.
Guides thermal design, testing, verification, optimization, components selection, and helps extend product life cycle.
Curve data is convenient for R & D engineers to record thermal experimental data.
With high temperature alarm and tracking function, detects the real-time temperature changes.
Adjust the angle and direction of the lens according to different needs. And the camera can be supported by tripod (1/4").
USB 5V powered, connect the PCBA thermal imager to the computer. Compatible with Win 10 (recommended) and Win 7 system. Run the DytSpectrumOwl software, you can start to observe the imaging video of the unit under test.
Made of high quality aluminum alloy material, it’s sturdy and durable. The bottom plate with anti-slip mat and anti-static silicone surface is convenient to use.

Note: Size and color may be slightly different due to manual measurement and different light conditions. Thank you for understanding.

Color: Black Gray
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Thermal Imaging Resolution: 260*200
Frame Frequency: 25Hz
NETD: 70mk@25℃
FOV: Horizontal 34.4°, Vertical 25.8°
Lens: 4mm Adjustable Focus Lens
Temperature Measuring Range: -10~120℃ (14~248℉)
Accuracy: ±5℃ or ±5%
Power Supply: USB 5V (Type-C)
Working Temperature: -10~55℃ (14~131℉)
Working Humidity: <95%
System: Compatible with Win 10 (recommended)/ Win 7
CPU & RAM: i3 & 4G
Software Update: Manual or automatic update via internet
Item Size: 220 * 172 * 241mm / 8.66 * 6.77 * 9.49in
Package Size: 37.5 * 28 * 10cm / 14.76 * 11.02 * 3.94in
Package Weight: 1987g / 4.38lbs

Package List:
1 * Thermal Camera
1 * Bracket
1 * Bottom Plate
1 * USB Cable (Type-C)
1 * User Manual (English)
4 * Hex Screw
1 * Hex Wrench