Ear Cleaning Light Ear Cleaner Spoon Earpick Baby Ears Cleaning Tool with Magnifier Two Spoons Gift


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With LED lights, white light, and a magnifying glass, you can see the small parts of your ears more clearly and clean them up.
The tail comment switch is easy to use and can be used by putting it into the battery.
It is equipped with a 3x magnifying glass, which can be disassembled, can be oscillated at will, move up and down, adjust the focal length, and make the field of vision clearer.
Made of aluminum alloy, it has no peculiar smell, is sturdy and durable, and the soft spoon head is not easy to break.
It can be used by adults and children.

Type: Ear Cleaning Tool
Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Rose gold
Package Size: 17.8 * 5cm / 7 * 1.97 in
Package Weight: 16g / 0.56oz

Package List:
1 * Clean Tool
2 * Spoon head