Electric Drill Modified To Electric Saws Accessory Electric Reciprocating Saws


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Do you want to modify your electric drill into electric saws? Then you can try this modify accessory. With this accessory tool set, you can get a electric saws rather than buy a new one, come on and enjoy it, it will not let you down.

Comfortable for you to hold and also easy to operate, you can assemble it yourself, which can give you a better operating experience.
It is made of fine material, ABS handle and metal blades, you do not need to change them often.
Various materials can be cut, you can use for cutting different types material for your needs.
Steel saw-blade chuck, the saw-blade can be quickly replaced by rotation without disassembly.
Easy to use and modify, with this tool, you do not need to buy the electric-saw, which can save your money.

Material: ABS+metal
Type: (optional)
Type1: with 2 blades
Type2: with 3 blades
Color: black
Electric drill connecting rod diameter: 7mm / 0.3in
Package size: 150 * 110 * 55mm / 5.9 * 4.3 * 2.2in
Package weight:
Type1: 347g / 12.2ounce
Type2: 357g / 12.6ounce

Packing list: (optional)

1 * Electric Drill Converter
1 * Handle
2 * 100mm Sawblade

1 * Electric Drill Converter
1 * Handle
1 * 100mm Sawblade
1 * 133mm Sawblade
1 * 152mm Sawblade