Electric Glue Machine Hot Melt Glue Machine Multifunctional Glue Machine For Bonding Household Crafts


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This glue machine is simple and generous in appearance, intelligent chip with high temperature resistance silica gel, anti-scald, safer to use, can be used to make a variety of handicrafts, repairs furniture, toys and so on.

Quick heating, stable glue, can be used for different kinds of daily repairs. Can be used for parent-child interaction, complete a variety of manual design, repairs toys; homemade handicrafts, making handicrafts; repairs furniture.
Light and simple design: the appearance design is simple, bid farewell to the traditional complex modeling, more beautiful.
Small size, lightweight design: easy to operate, small size, the net weight of the whole machine is only 195g, children can also be accompanied by their parents to operate.
One button start: one button operation, when the heating indicator light is on for a long times, the glue can be used.
Double protections of intelligent chip can effectively avoids potential safety hazards: the built-in intelligent chip can maintain the heating temperature in a suitable ranges, so as to prevents overheating and burning component or excessive melting of glue. 3 minutes no operation, automatic shutdown, to avoids battery damage caused by empty power, double protections is safer.
Balance design: front and back balance structure design, no need for extra bracket can also be placed vertically, safer and convenient.
Double heat insulation, anti-scald design: the outside is covered with high temperature resistant environmental protections silica gel, heat insulation and anti-scald. With high temperature resistant PC safety cover, it can be closed after shutdown, which is safer.
Long lifes, wireless design: built in large capacity battery, it can continuously discharge glue for about 100 meters under full charges state, and it can be quickly charged with universal Type-C chargings cable.
125mm universal environmental protections glue stick: with 10 resin glue stick of 7mm in diameter and 125mm in length, it is environmentally friendly, with high viscosity, smokeless and odorless when melting.

Material: silica gel + PC
Glue stick length: 125mm
Glue stick diameter: 7mm
Glue stick color: 1 * silver, 1 * blue, 1 * green, 1 * red, 1 * gold, 5 * transparent
Preheat times: about 30s
Battery: 3.7V, 2000mAh
Rated voltage: direct current 4V
Chargings parameters: direct current 5V, 1A
Chargings times: about 120 ~ 180min
Item size: 135 * 127 * 35mm / 5.3 * 5.0 * 1.4in
Item weight: 195g / 6.9ounce
Package size: 175 * 152 * 39mm / 6.9 * 6.0 * 1.5in
Package weight: 337g / 11.9ounce

Packing List:
1 * Glue Machine 
1 * USB Cable
10 * Glue Stick (1 * Silver, 1 * Blue, 1 * Green, 1 * Red, 1 * Gold, 5 * Transparent)