Electric Heating Hands Wear 3 Gears Temperature Adjustment Palm Screen Windproof Waterproof Winter Outdoor Warm Hands Wear


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The electric heating hands wear are 3 gears temperature adjustment, palm screen design, windproof and waterproof, soft and comfortable. It is suitable for winter outdoor activities to keep your hands warm.

Ergonomic three-dimensional cutting, persistent to keep warm, soft and comfortable.
Made of waterproof fabric of the surface, windproof and splash-proof.
Use conductive material, palm screen design of all the palm, easy to play your phone.
3 gears temperature adjustment, red light 50-55℃, white light 45-50℃, blue light 40-45℃.
Suitable for outdoor riding, winter cold protection.

Material: Polyester fiber (polyester cloth, cotton)
Color: Black
Configuration: Cell, Cell box (optional)
Size: M, L, XL (optional)
Heating Film: Imported composite wire, heating on the back of the hand
Voltage: 3.7-4.5V 
Temperature: 40-55℃  
Heating Area: 5 fingers and back of hand
Item Size: 
 M: 325 * 125mm / 12.8 * 4.92in
 L: 330 * 130mm / 12.99 * 5.12in
 XL: 340 * 135mm / 13.39 * 5.31in
Package Weight: 
 Cell: 417g / 14.71ounces
 Cell box: 295g / 10.41ounces
Package Size: 350 * 150 * 60mm / 13.78 * 5.91 * 2.36in

Packing List:
Cell Type:
1 * Pair of Heating Hands Wear
2 * Polymer Lithium Cells 3.7V 4000mah
1 * Work Cable
1 * User Manual