Electric Vacuum Tank Airtight Food Storage Container


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The barrel is controlled by a smart chip, which is simple to operate and suitable for modern life; there is a scale prompt on the side of the barrel, you can intuitively see the storage capacity in the barrel; a universal charging port, no additional charging cable is required. Not only can it be used at home; it can also be carried when traveling, providing you with fresh food at any time.

[Unlimited Type]Not only food can be stored in vacuum barrels, but medicines, tea, and precision instruments such as cameras can all be stored in vacuum barrels to prevent moisture and mildew.
[Safety]The material of the vacuum barrel is made of food-grade materials, which has no peculiar smell and will not pollute the food; the barrel mouth has good airtightness, and the vacuum environment in the barrel will not grow bacteria or mold, ensuring the freshness of the food and the safety of the articles.
[Practical]The Container can be used to store or preserve food or objects, does not occupy space, is convenient for storage and movement, and has no specific requirements for the placement location.
[Attention to Details]Use the food-grade sealing ring to ensure a higher sealing degree; anti-skid pad at the bottom, which is more stable and easy to place; there is a dustproof device, and the internal environment is guaranteed.
[Quality Live]Large capacity of 13L, white shell, advanced texture, simple and durable, beautiful and delicate, improve your quality of life.

Color: Gray
Material: Food grade ABS+PC
Battery Model: KT2017-00382
Battery Capacity: 1800 mAh
Occasion: Kitchen, Pantry, Living Room
Package Size: 29*29*31cm/11.42*11.42*12.2inch
Package weight: 1750g/3.86lb

Packing List:
1 * Vacuum Storage Barrel
1* Manual
1* Power Cord

1. Please read the product manual carefully before use.
2. Do not soak the lid in water or other liquids, nor wash it under the hose head. The whole product should not be washed.
3. Please keep the machine out of reach of children.
4.Do not allow children to use this product unsupervised.
5. Do not turn it upside down.
6. The temperature of stored items should not exceed 60 degrees.
7. This product should only be used as a container and should not be put into the oven.
8. During use, please keep charging once every 20 days. If the cover is opened too frequently, it can be adjusted to charging once every 10 days.
9. When the vacuum storage barrel needs to be stored, please first charge it fully and then place it in a dry place. If not, put it in the sun for a long time.
10. The charging time of this product is 4-6 hours.