Electronic Vernier Caliper 0-150mm Digital Display Large Screen IP54 Waterproof


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Compact and comvenient, easy to use. This product will make your life easier and convenient.

Quality Material: Made of strong plastic composites, lightweight and durable.
Ergonomically Design: Provides a comfortable grab in the hand.
Accurate Measurement: Strictly test to ensure precise results with a precision to 0.2mm.
Zero Calibration: Press to set to zero at any position and continue to measure next section.
Unit Conversion: Easy to read in inch & mm by pressing the button.
Large LCD Display: Instant results can be read in digital numbers, much more convenient.

Name: IP54 Waterproof Plastic Electronic Digital Caliper
Material: plastic
Measuring range: 0-150mm/6〃
Accuracy: ±0.2mm
Resolution: 0.1mm
Reading value: 0.1mm
Size: 236x75x16
Net weight: 0.15g
Operating temperature: 0-40°
Battery model: 3V button battery(included)

Multiple Measuring Method:
Outside Diameter Quickly measure any small or large objects with the sharp stainless steel jaw.
Inside Diameter Measure inside diameter of objects quickly with top jaws.
Depth Measurement Versatile measurement options include depth function for small objects that are hard to reach with regular rulers.
Step Measurement The overlooked step function of the caliper allows you to utilize the back step of the caliper to measure as well.

Packing List:
1 pcs * Digital Caliper