External TCXO Clock


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This TCXO is suitable for Hackrf One with Acrylic shell and may not be installed in the AL.
In order to solve all Hackrf One, a precision clock design is required to meet the needs of the high-precision clock Hackrf One.
Let the Hackrf One be used in higher demand situations such as GPS clock analog, GSM / WCDMA / LTE data analysis.
In addition, the clock is designed with high precision TCXO, and the DIP package accuracy is 0.1-0.5ppm.

Material: Metal + PC
Accuracy (PPM): 0.1ppm (room temperature 0-25 degrees)
Operating Temperature: -20~85℃
Item Size: Approx. 26 * 20 * 11mm / 1.02 * 0.79 * 0.43in(L*W*H)
Item Weight: Approx. 4g / 0.16oz
Package Weight: Approx. 5g / 0.19oz
Package Size: Approx. 30 * 25 * 15mm / 1.18 * 0.98 * 0.59in

Package List:
1 * External TCXO Clock