Ferment Cloth for Bread Doughs Baguette


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This is a 100% cotton ferment cloth for the baking of baguette or other European bread. 

Unstained and unbleached. Healthy and eco-friendly.
Made of 100% cotton. High quality and durable. Easy to clean.
Not only design for baguette, but also suitable for other types of hard European breads.
Various sizes for choice: S(36*45cm), M(45*77cm), L(90*66cm), XL(70*120cm) size. 
Soft and smooth material. Easy to fold out the shape you want. 

Item Colour: Rice white 
Material: 100% cotton
Size: S(36*45cm), M(45*77cm), L(90*66cm), XL(70*120cm) (optional)
Package Size: 230*200*20mm(S); 290*240*20mm(M);335*325*20mm(L);360*335*20mm(XL)
Package Weight: 70g(S),145g(M),250g(L),330g(XL) /2.5oz(S),5.1oz(M),8.8oz(L),11.6(XL)

Packing List: 
1*Ferment Cloth