Fishing Bait Nesting Boat Intelligent Remote Control Boat 500m Wireless Dual-motor Long-distance Fishing Boats Nesting Device Fishing Feeder with Automatic Correction Route


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Made of fine quality material, practical, easy to operate and use, has a long service life.

Two methods: fixed point nesting and throwing hook.
Automatically correct the route.
3 catties (1.5kg) nest material, fixed-point nesting, remote control operation, more accurate nesting, low-noise nesting, no disturbing fish.
High-strength movement, dual motors, strong power, strong speed.
One key to turn on the cruise button with constant speed, which makes the boat travel in a straight line at a constant speed, simple operation, saving time and effort.
Built-in battery, high rate output, long battery life.
High-frequency wireless system, remote control distance of 500 meters, single machine and single frequency, suitable for multi-player competition.
LED lighting is convenient for night fishing and accurately finds the spot for nesting.
Fully enclosed hull with a W-shaped bottom to reduce swaying.
The charging and battery interfaces are waterproof and sealed.
Large-capacity nesting compartment, heavy bait loading, strong ejection.

Main material: PVC
Color: black
Boat battery: 1 * lithium battery, 5200mAh (included)
Remote control battery: 1 * lithium battery, 0.2A, 3.7V (included)
Optimal load: ≤1.5kg
Boat power: 2W 7.4V
Remote range: 500m
Boat size: 490 * 270 * 160mm / 19.3 * 10.6 * 6.3in
Nesting compartment size: 145 * 115mm / 5.7 * 4.5in
Package size: 530 * 305 * 194mm / 20.9 * 12.0 * 7.6in
Package weight: 2500g / 5.5lb

Note: the LED light does not have a separate switch button, it will turn on and off with the boat's switch.

Packing List:
1 * Bait Boat
1 * Remote Control
1 * USB Cable
1 * Recharger