Flexible Hose Clamp Driver 7mm Metric Nut Driver Non-Slip Flex Socket Wrench Automotive Replacement Clamp Tool for Marine Auto


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Makes getting to those hard to access hose clamp drive heads a lot easier. This is a must-have handy tool in your garage, makes your automotive maintenance more efficient.

Flexible nut driver can easily get in the hard-to-reach places like repairing plumbing, car/boat engine, etc.
Metric size is 7mm, and the total length of the nut driver is 12.2 inches.
Transfers high torque with the bendable spring shaft, which is flexible enough to get to the clamp screw to remove it.
Soft plastic covered on the handle makes it comfortable to hold, and non-slip for good grip.
Made of high quality steel, it is well-made, solid and features long service life.
Suitable for hose clamps of oil tube, water pipe, air pipe, and more.

Material: Steel
Color: Blue
Metric Size: 7mm
Item Size: 31*3cm / 12.2*1.18in
Package Weight: 151g / 5.32oz

Packing List:
1 * Hose Clamp Driver