FLUKE 6000 Counts Mini Palm-sized Multimeter Digital Multimeter Handheld Voltmeter Portable Ammeter Voltage Meter Universal Meter Measuring AC/DC Voltage AC/DC Current Resistance Capacitance Continuity


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This FLUKE 106 digital multimeter is specially designed to help you achieve one-hand operation, which features complete test functions, including measurements of AC & DC voltage, AC & DC current, resistance, capacitance and continuity, applicable to basic electronic measurement, electrical maintenance and other fields.

[Compact Size] As small as a mobile phone, mini size & light weight for single hand operating and portable to carry with.
[Easy to Use] With simple design and clear style, it is easy to switch testing mode by rotating knob.
[Multifunctional Measurements] Used to test AC & DC voltage, AC & DC current, resistance, capacitance and continuity.
[Data Hold Function] Convenient to read the measured result.
[Large LCD screen] Easy to read the measured value.
[Handy Utility Instrument] With fast response, stable performance and accurate results, this multimeter is cost effective and easy to use for electrical diagnosis and equipment maintenance of household and commercial use.

Model: 106
Material: ABS
Color: Orange & Black
Power Supply: 2 * AAA battery (NOT included)  
Battery Life: At least 200 hours
Display: 6000 counts
DC Voltage Range: 6V / 60V / 600V
DC Voltage Resolution: 0.001V / 0.01V / 0.1V
AC Voltage Range: 6V / 60V / 600V
AC Voltage Resolution: 0.001V / 0.01V / 0.1V
DC Current Range: 4A / 10A
DC Current Resolution: 0.001A / 0.01A
AC Current Range: 4A / 10A
AC Current Resolution: 0.001A / 0.01A
mV AC Range: 600mV
mV AC Resolution: 0.1mV
Resistance Range: 400Ω / 4kΩ / 40kΩ / 400kΩ /4MΩ / 40MΩ
Resistance Resolution: 0.1Ω / 0.001k1Ω / 0.01kΩ / 0.1kΩ / 0.001MΩ / 0.01MΩ
Capacitance Range: 50nF / 500nF / 5μF / 50μF / 500μF / 1000μF
Capacitance Resolution: 0.01nF / 0.1nF / 0.001μF / 0.01μF / 0.1μF / 1μF
Working Temperature Range: 0~40℃
Storage Temperature: -30~+60℃
CAT Level: 600V CAT III
Item Size: Approx. 145*75*25mm / 5.71*2.95*0.98in
Item Weight: Approx. 178g / 6.28oz
Package Size: Approx. 20.8*10.8*5.5cm / 8.19*4.25*2.17in
Package Weight: Approx. 340g / 11.99oz

Packing List:
1 * Digital Multimeter
1 * Pair of Test Leads
1 * Users Manual (English)