Fly Repellent Fan Indoor Outdoor Repeller


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The rotating wings are made from a soft plastic that causes no pain when touched.
The fly repellent keeps flying insects, wasps, and flies away by rotating the wings and reflectors. You can finally enjoy a conversation over an outdoor meal without swatting flies all the time.
Useful air protection for barbecues or breakfast outdoors, keeps the fly away from your food.
It has holographic dots on the blades so you aren't constantly swatting bees, wasps, or flies while you're camping. 
Blades come to a stop if something touches them, then resume as soon as the obstacle is removed.
Three rotating blades, mosquito repellent effect is better.

Color: Black,Silver,(optional)
Material: ABS, PVC
Battery: 2*AA Batteries (Not Included)
Application: Fly
Occasion: Home, Office, Restaurant, Store, etc
Package size: 8.6*8.6*26cm / 3.38*3.38*10.23inch
Package weight: 298g

Packing List:
1 * Fly Repellent